The Artists

Adam Wynn

Adam is a Birmingham-based visual artist.  Whether it’s paper, video, performance or assemblage, his techniques are considered collages, in that, everything created is made with existing, repurposed elements.

Cheryl Chudyk

hails from the Pacific Northwest and dabbles in portraits, poetry, painting, comics, photography, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Her collage work has been published in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and Italy and in assembling projects from Canada, the UK, and Austria. She is the co-founder and co-curator of the president of the Northwest Collage Society, and she is a member of on Instagram, a group of 45 international artists that collage with a common photograph each week. 

She is a huge supporter of community within collage, always looking to make collaborative pieces and to create spaces for artists to come together.

Cindy Borges Warshaw

Cindy was born in New Jersey to Brazilian parents. She grew up in the suburbs with close ties to the Brazilian, Hispanic, and Portuguese immigrant communities. Prior to earning an MFA from American University, she worked as an infrastructure, energy, and hotel development consultant as well as international trade specialist. She has dedicated her time to advancing her knowledge of fine arts by training at various organizations such as the Penland School of Arts & Crafts, the Woodstock School of Art, and Anderson Ranch. She also taught and administered the artist appreciation program at a local elementary school in McLean, Virginia.

Cloé Christen

„I´m a swiss artist living in Berlin.

After a dance career in contemporary dance I´m completely in love with Collage

art. Give me a peace of any material and I start to create.

I´m always looking for new possibilities of expression.

My next project will be to combine performance art with Collage art.

As a new member of Berlin Collage Collective I can share my passion and create

fancy new events.“

Dawn Conry

Dawnry, (Dawn Conry) is a Phoenix based collage and mixed media artist who crosses the boundary from theatre designer to visual artist. With her artwork, she challenges images, messages, or ideas presented in print format, and imagines a different story. The intention is to let the images speak their own narrative, then work to make it a reality.

Working over 20 years among valley theatre companies; she would take one object and transform it into something completely different according to the need of the production. A favorite quote of hers, “I can totally make this look like a dead animal. Does it need to be stiff dead or floppy dead?” She began to realize that such transformations could happen without a need of the purpose of a production, the object could just change. 

Working in theatre allows for collaboration with a design team to create a single performance production. Collage allows for the same collaboration between print images, design, and art. Such collaborations happen by coincidence, accident, and deliberate effort. In the work she sees the connection of herself to the outer world. 

Dawnry is especially interested in exploring her own experiences in assisting the process that will create a body of work that speaks to health, social and political issues.

Ginger Sedlářová

Ginger is a collagist, storyteller and accidental archivist from Burnaby, B.C., Canada whose work embraces history and ideas, creating multi-layered landscapes of both fables and the past. Her collages observe and celebrate people, eras, cities and the marks they leave on our world. Her objective is to connect with a viewer through imagery and movement, showing them a moment in time or inspiring their own tale through her compositions.

She initially responds to a single image, building upon it with dozens of other images until it tells a narrative, whether it be memoir or anecdote. Her process is both instinctive and meditative, allowing her to daydream through a collage’s development, her and her knife contemplating each image individually.

Monica Church

Born and raised in Middlebury, Vermont, USA, Monica has lived in New Hudson Valley for over three decades. She is an abstract artist working in painting, collage and printmaking. Church’s collages are in many publications – including on the cover of the summer 2023 Issue 11 of Cut Me Up magazine. This collage was also part of the 2023 exhibition Souvenir at the Albany County International Airport. Her recent collage works can be found in Cut Me Up Magazine (Issues 10 & 11); Wilder Roam 001 On The Road; 2023 The Vassar Review: Interiors & Intimacies; and in The Extra Mule, No. 2. During the 2023 Kolaj Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana, Church presented her 1992 series of collages made while living in Hanoi, Vietnam at the symposium, “Exploring & Healing Place” at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. 

Church has had numerous solo shows including at Garrison Art Center, Vassar College’s Palmer Gallery, Womenswork.ART; Dutchess Community College Gallery; Chapman Friedman Gallery, Louisville, KY; University of Kentucky’s Center for Contemporary Art; LoRiver Arts Gallery and Go North, both in Beacon, NY. Blue Leaf Gallery featured her work at the Dublin Art Fair and the Edinburgh Art Fair. 

Her artwork is included in both private and institutional collections including, Binney and Smith, Easton PA; Manugistics Ltd, Rockville, MD; Community Bank, Lexington KY; Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend WA; The University of Kentucky Art Museum, Lexington KY; Vassar College Libraries Archives and Special Collections, Southern Vermont Art Center and Women’s Studio Workshop, among others. 

Church studied printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design, n.d., and has a B.A. in visual arts from Bennington College and an M.F.A. in painting from The University of Kentucky.


Rosanne Walsh

American contemporary Artist and Educator Rosanne Walsh, was raised in Massachusetts, schooled in Rhode Island, worked in New York, and is now a practicing studio artist in Connecticut.

Walsh’s collage work can be seen primarily in Cut Me Up Magazine (Issues 8, 9,10 & 12) and in the touring project, Unconnected Yet, Produced by The Boston Bengal Bridge, so far exhibited in Kolkata, India and Lorne, Australia.

Her collage work sometimes bleeds into assemblage. These more dimensional works were exhibited in 2023 in Imploding Meaning, at Vassar College’s Palmer Gallery, Poughkeepsie NY. Painting is also an integral part of Walsh’s practice, and many of her paintings have been exhibited in various shows at the Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY: Memento Mori, The Wild Side, Soul Works, and Just Friends.

„In my current practice, I create collages from discarded materials to contrast familiar positions-religious, political, and social- with the elegant rhythms of ecology.

Each studio session is a meditation on my conviction that we profoundly misunderstand our position in the hierarchy of the Natural Order, and an invitation to question the embedded belief that we alone possess intrinsic value.

From paper and other found items, I draw historical information, ponder scientific inventions, and remember personal moments. Attuning myself to the visceral qualities of the materials feels like writing poetry. The result is a suggestive, intimate collage, created through a variety of responsive methods.

For example, sometimes, I rip a piece apart, only to sew it back together, before I poke holes in it. Papers often stick together accidentally, and I need to scratch them apart, which creates unintentional marks that nudge me in a new direction. My mark-making can threaten to overtake my composition if I’m not careful, like zebra mussels that clog northern waterways, or invasive kudzu plants that smother southern landscapes. When I apply paint over layers, I think of sedimentary rock strata, and lost civilizations, when one form of life dries up and becomes obscured by the next…  „


Sebastian Mögelin

The German-based mixed media artist, whose works have been exhibited nationally as well as in Austria, the USA and Japan, depicts the emotions, longings and stories of simple people and situations. Mögelin’s artistic signature is always clearly recognisable: rough, fast-paced painting meets cheeky, snotty street posters and décollage.

The artist meticulously composes the papers used digitally and analogue before reworking the collages. The provocations inherent in the pictures in quotes and photography always form the narrative pictorial basis for the artist. The multi-layered reworkings are supplemented in parts by an additional motif acrylic disc mounted on top. This adds a third dimension to the two-dimensional original collage. Mögelin himself

about his art:

„My personal challenge is the permanent reinvention of the paper collage. In terms of content, my works always

show a detailed eye for trivialities. It can sometimes get uncomfortable there!“

In 2023, Berlin native Sebastian Mögelin founded the „Berlin Collage Collective“, which brings together national

and international artists to work collaboratively by initiating the so-called „Circle Challenge„.

Bettina Homann

The Host: Bettina, artist, writer, editor form Berlin. 
I discovered the joy of – collectively and individually – exploring place in collage in an artist residnency in Sanquhar Scotland in April 2023, organized by Kolaj Magazine. I immediately decided to organize a collage artist get together in my hometown.

I have worked for many years as an editor for Berlin magazine Zitty, exploring the city and writing about it, getting to know it quite well. Berlin is so complex, multi-layered, contradictory and chaotic that collage seems to me the perfect medium to capture it.