Bettina Homann

Stadtkörper (City Body)

In this work I want to examine the interaction between the human body and the city.
How does my body interact with the city? How do our energy-streams interact (in creating the city)?
I worked with City Maps – represaentations of structure and movement, that, cut out, are freed from their symbolic function and transformed into filigree moving sculptures, creating a constantly changing interplay of light and shadow. With their fine orbits, condensations and junctions they also resemble the structure of the human nervous system.

Bettina, artist, writer, editor form Berlin. 
I discovered the joy of – collectively and individually – exploring place in collage in an artist residnency in Sanquhar Scotland in April 2023, organized by Kolaj Magazine. I immediately decided to organize a collage artist get together in my hometown.

I have worked for many years as an editor for Berlin magazine Zitty, exploring the city and writing about it, getting to know it quite well. Berlin is so complex, multi-layered, contradictory and chaotic that collage seems to me the perfect medium to capture it.