Ginger Sedlarova

Ginger Sedlarova, Hier wohnte
Ginger Sedlarova, Hero
Ginger Sedlarova, Einheit, Ich bin ein Berliner, Müll Ampelmännchen

Ginger is a collagist, storyteller and accidental archivist from Burnaby, B.C., Canada whose work embraces history and ideas, creating multi-layered landscapes of both fables and the past. Her collages observe and celebrate people, eras, cities and the marks they leave on our world. Her objective is to connect with a viewer through imagery and movement, showing them a moment in time or inspiring their own tale through her compositions.

She initially responds to a single image, building upon it with dozens of other images until it tells a narrative, whether it be memoir or anecdote. Her process is both instinctive and meditative, allowing her to daydream through a collage’s development, her and her knife contemplating each image individually.