Sebastian Mögelin

Sebastian Mögelin, Nightlife Berlin

The German-based mixed media artist, whose works have been exhibited nationally as well as in Austria, the USA and Japan, depicts the emotions, longings and stories of simple people and situations. Mögelin’s artistic signature is always clearly recognisable: rough, fast-paced painting meets cheeky, snotty street posters and décollage.

The artist meticulously composes the papers used digitally and analogue before reworking the collages. The provocations inherent in the pictures in quotes and photography always form the narrative pictorial basis for the artist. The multi-layered reworkings are supplemented in parts by an additional motif acrylic disc mounted on top. This adds a third dimension to the two-dimensional original collage. Mögelin himself

about his art:

„My personal challenge is the permanent reinvention of the paper collage. In terms of content, my works always

show a detailed eye for trivialities. It can sometimes get uncomfortable there!“

In 2023, Berlin native Sebastian Mögelin founded the „Berlin Collage Collective“, which brings together national

and international artists to work collaboratively by initiating the so-called „Circle Challenge„.