Cindy Borges Warshaw

„It wasn’t until the second to last day that I began to make work that reflected Berlin through my own artistic lens. After a couple of panic attacks and short battle with imposter syndrome, I began to hone in on a few key elements: I was still drawn to the same bright blues and yellows I have always included in my palette such as those I found in the crumbling facades of buildings. I was still drawn to the idea of building new worlds which I observed at various construction projects around town. And finally, I was still inserting old imagery such as the Berlin TV tower, or a person climbing over the wall, into an environment made of saturated hues and rocky shapes evoking a futuristic, rugged landscape. In short, by the end of the residency, I had found a way to place Berlin inside my own artistic language of color, texture, and mixed media.“

The result was four pieces that were included in the show that reflect colors and textures I observed during my walks to and from the gallery as well as the overall mood displayed by Berliners since spring had arrived in the city.

My favorite piece is Blue Berlin.

Cindy was born in New Jersey to Brazilian parents. She grew up in the suburbs with close ties to the Brazilian, Hispanic, and Portuguese immigrant communities. Prior to earning an MFA from American University, she worked as an infrastructure, energy, and hotel development consultant as well as international trade specialist. She has dedicated her time to advancing her knowledge of fine arts by training at various organizations such as the Penland School of Arts & Crafts, the Woodstock School of Art, and Anderson Ranch. She also taught and administered the artist appreciation program at a local elementary school in McLean, Virginia.